STARK - Superfunk



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STARK - Superfunk

Tradition comes annually for new STARK music. The beginning of 2017 is no different with Superfunk. Five tracks make up this release, following on from the duo’s live ‘retroelectrotuncfunk’ live recording release prior to Xmas. Although grandly differing, this EP takes as much from the retro as it does from the new; the title track and Fusion combining most obviously from both worlds. A+B ventures deep into breakbeat electro with great success while Eched comes in for dancefloor and No Emotions completes the tech assault.
Very much a STARK ‘EP’ know what you’re gonna get but you just don’t know how...


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  1. A+B
  2. Eched
  3. Fusion
  4. No Emotions
  5. Superfunk