Paul Mitchell - Heaven Sent (Digital)

Heaven Sent (Digital)

Paul Mitchell

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You don’t rush a Paul Mitchell production, really you don’t; consequently it's been over two years since we last heard from the enigmatic programmer. That release was Hotwire, one of the first on STARKFutures; a hypnotic piece of immersive garage­-tech brilliance.
Now he returns on our new STARKFutures offshoot, STARKEditions, with the strictly limited edition, clear vinyl, ten ­inch single Heaven Sent/Going Back and bonus digital release with more originals & two remixes.
With this release he goes in, infusing more techno into the textures to create the glowing metronomic Heaven Sent, a righteous piece of the underground and a statement of intent of how to fuse the classic motor city sound with that of the best from Berlin, all via machines in Chelmsford. Huge and minimal yet warm and complex, with a locked down rhythm that reminds you how this music lives and breathes, there aren't many better ways to spend six and a half minutes, although the accompanying Going Back isn't a bad place to start, with a rolling ­tech groove that's been machine tooled for maximum impact coupled with an insistent vocal sample, this is another piece of timeless, yet modern electro-­techno soul. Don't think of this as a tracks 1,2,3.... this is bigger than that, much bigger. It's two years of listening and learning, made into over an EP of pure electronic rapture.
Faded & This Crazy Place join the digital release alongside remixes of Going Back from Subterrain/The End veteran, Murf aka Dr.Uggs with a deep, bright, tribally undertone which develops into a full on soundsystem workout. Unovis... He turns to an edgier, rolling synth work over, fusing his live influence into the original tracks tech house lead.
We’ll leave it there...


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  1. Heaven Sent
  2. Going Back
  3. Faded
  4. This Crazy Place
  5. Going Back (Dr.Uggs Remix)
  6. Going Back (Unovis Remix)